What is this craziness?

The WeekendHacker network is a way to find designers or developers for your very small projects. It was created because both the designers and developers I know always moan about not being able to find someone to help on their small projects.

How does it work?

It's simple really. If you have an idea for a small project. If you see some opportunity you want to move on right away. If you want to see if you can find someone to work with on bigger projects. Simply post your small project and it will be sent out to the network.

Is it just a mailing list?

For now yes. But if people feel the need for something else to be added we will of course do that

What do you mean with small projects?

I mean projects that won't take more than a weekends time (max three days).

How do I know it will only take maximum 3 days?

You probably won't. But use your common sense. Otherwise those with the skills you seek probably will tell you.

What if I am looking for someone to help me on a larger project

Then you post a small project here to see if you work well together. Who knows. Maybe you can find a co-founder here if you are into the torture that is startups.

How often will I receive a mail

Once a day and it will be curated. No spam, no bullshit, just small cool projects that you can join.

What if there is money in it? How do I make sure I get my share?

You either make a gentleman's agreement or you use an online service like Foundrs Also keep in mind. Reputation is on the line, it would be stupid to mess with that.

I don't want to work for free

WeekendHacker is not a freelance network. Having said that we don't care what terms you guys decide. Whether you just help for free or you want to make a barter deal with someone. The goal of this network is to connect people not to interfere in the terms you set for your help. One email a day. No spam, no bullshit, just small cool projects.

Is it free?

For now it is. But there might be premium services later on.

How will you make sure the quality of the people and projects is high?

For now through curation of the projects. Later on we will look at several ways to match peoples skills if that is something that becomes an issue.

Anything else I need to know?

Well as I said this is an experiment. Call it my weekend hack, done in less than 24 hours. My hope is that weekendhacker.net will become a place where cool projects are published, people meet potential cofounders and the network becomes strong enough to build a launch pad for the projects.