8 years ago

Get a Room

What skills I am looking for:


Project Description:

Get a Room is a conference room booking app for shared spaces and groups. I currently have an almost feature complete working app up and running, which is being used by a fairly prominent co-working space in New York City.

What I need help with:

I am looking for a PHP developer with front-end dev skills to help get the app to a more feature complete state where it can be used independently by more groups. I have a roadmap of features, which is documented in Lighthouse, which I can share. I'm ideally looking for someone who is interested in the short and long term vision and will take a chunk of equity and potential future earnings in exchange for your time. The app has the potential to not only be a conference room booking app but a more complete collaboration tool for co-working and flexible workspaces.

What I am willing to give in return:

Equity, design services, advice on life. :)

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