7 years ago

Website to filter & show patients from a database

What skills I am looking for:


Project Description:

It's a very small project and almost personal for my medical studies. We have different kinds of patients and I want to create a website to filter those patients by specific parameters.
E. g. the first parameter is "male", so all male patients are shown. Secondly, the next parameter is set to "Between 2009-2010" and all male patients within this time are shown. And so on...

What I need help with:


I need a developer to do me a favor and code a very simple database and plain-white website to filter & show the results from this data. The have to be 4 different kinds of parameters for the filter. Every patient of the database has 4 parameters. It would be awesome if the results could be filter via Jquery.

What I am willing to give in return:

Well, I can give a free design work or a medical advice in return:-)


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