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What skills I am looking for:


Project Description:

It's an open source comic (web, manga) reader web application.
I'm really into reading manga and web comics but the sites are usually in PHP and most comic reader apps are on specific platforms and cost money. So my goal is to make one free, and to ask authors to use this platform either on their own sites or with revenue share on the main site.

What I need help with:

I could really use help with the UX and develepment for the UX. Right now I'm working on functionality, and while I eventually will move to looks, I could help on that first. All help is super appreciated though.

What I am willing to give in return:

I can help you with Node.js or other JS projects in general. I really like making Node APIs too, so if you one them I got chu!

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Nikhil Vijayan
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offered to help

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