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Windows Hype Machine Client

What skills I am looking for:


Project Description:

This client will be able to retrieve data and songs from hypem.com and stream it. Mac counterpart: http://www.plugformac.com

What I need help with:

I'm looking to develop a windows app and I know next to nothing about desktop development. I'm trying to build a desktop client for hype.com. I need a front-end done for the client that aligns with Microsoft's design standards. I don't have much backend .NET experience but I plan to learn with this project. I also may ask you a question or for a recommendation of a book that will teach me how to work on .NET stuff.

What I am willing to give in return:

I'm a pretty capable full stack web developer. Here are some of my areas of expertise: HTML, CSS, PHP, REST, API, Laravel, CodeIgnither, MySQL. If there is some web development you need done but I don't have it listed here feel free to contact me and I'll help anyway I can, or point you in the right direction (even you can't help with my project)

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